Welcome to the Examples section of the Okos Polip documentation. This part of our resource library is dedicated to demonstrating real-world applications of the Okos Polip APIs. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or an experienced developer seeking to optimize your projects, these examples will provide valuable insights and practical guidance.


A brief introduction to the purpose and layout of the Examples section. This overview explains how to navigate the examples and utilize them effectively in your own projects.


The examples are organized into categories based on the APIs and use cases they illustrate. Each category includes a variety of examples tailored to show different features and capabilities of the Okos Polip system.

State Ingest Hardware API Examples
  • Basic Device Connection: How to connect a simple ESP8266 to Okos Polip.
  • Complex System Integration: Integrating a Linux PC for advanced monitoring.
Integration API Examples
  • State API Use: Demonstrating real-time data fetching and manipulation.
  • Upcoming Sensors API: Placeholder for future examples related to the Sensors API.
Factory API Examples
  • Automated Device Provisioning: Scripts and techniques for batch provisioning devices.
  • Defining Custom Device Types: Steps to define and manage custom device types through the API.
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Tools to help users search for specific examples based on keywords, APIs used, or complexity level. Filters can refine the list to show only the most relevant examples to the user’s needs.

Interactive Features

Where applicable, examples may include interactive components or live demos that users can test and manipulate directly from the documentation page.


Encouragement for users to contribute their own examples, including guidelines on how to submit examples and the benefits of contributing to the Okos Polip community.

Updates and New Additions

Regular updates to the Examples section to include new use cases and features as they become available. Users are encouraged to check back often for new content.

Support and Community

Join our vibrant community of developers and industry experts. Share your experiences, ask questions, and find solutions to your integration challenges.

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