Okos Polip is still in early development, so we’re keeping it free for now (API limits apply). Besides, why get bogged down with payment setups when we could be cooking up more awesome features instead!

Free Tier Details

  • Limited to 5 devices with State, Sensor, and RPC configuration fields
  • Ingest V1 API access with Client Libraries in Python, C++, and Javascript
  • Access to Factory dashboard and Factory API for device provisioning
  • Access to Digital Twin dashboard for prototyping
  • Unlimited (albeit rate limited) State API access for external integrations

Need something more?

Let’s discuss your use cases and see what we can build together.

Future Pricing Plans

At Okos Polip, we’re planning a flexible pricing structure that caters to everyone from hobbyists to large enterprises. Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming tiers:

  • Hobbyist (Free): Just like our current offering, this tier is perfect for personal projects, limited to 5 devices with access to the Factory and Digital Twin dashboards, and unlimited State API access (rate-limited).
  • Pro (Paid): Geared towards professional users, this tier will offer an expanded number of devices, access to the upcoming Sensors API, and higher rate limits. Monthly costs are still being finalized.
  • Education & Open Source Project Use (Paid): This cost-effective tier is designed for educational institutions and open-source projects, priced at-cost to cover hardware resources. Billing options include monthly or annual payments.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): For businesses needing tailored solutions, this tier offers negotiated pricing and features. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
Additional Payment Options and Features
  • Escrow Account Setup: To ensure uninterrupted service, we’re introducing an escrow account option. This allows you to pre-fund your account to cover services in case of missed payments. It’s required for Enterprise clients and optional for Education and Pro tiers.
  • A La Carte Options: We’re considering offering the ability to purchase additional devices or increase rate limits on a monthly basis. This flexibility is currently in the planning stage.
  • AI Features: Future AI enhancements to the Factory dashboard may incur additional fees. We aim to keep these costs transparent and added directly to your monthly bill.
Usage Policies
  • No Surge Pricing or Overage Fees: We’re committed to fairness and transparency. There will be no surge pricing or unexpected overage fees. Instead, we offer a forgiveness window allowing for temporary overages before service interruption.

We’re excited about these developments and believe they will provide the flexibility and scalability our users need. Stay tuned for more details as we finalize these plans!

Ingest with Okos Polip