Okos Polip was built from the ground up as a passion project with a single focus: making device state ingest easy. The project started as a way for me, Curt, to build something for my hobby automation projects that I could deploy on a Linux PC in python as easily as an C program running on an ESP8266.

Exploring the landscape of competitors, there seems to be a notion of more is better. More features, end-to-end solutions, pre-built KPI dashboards, overly prescriptive typing, specific OS constraints, etc.

End-to-end solutions are great for a quick-and-dirty prototype but what happens when the next supply chain disruption occurs? Prescriptive type definitions are great until your project dares to innovate outside of the narrow vision of a standards body. I wanted to build something à la carte with a clean separation of concerns.

Users should be able to adopt Okos Polip into their project easily and more importantly leave Okos Polip at any time. Hard vendor lock-ins is an anti-pattern.


Curt Henrichs – Founder

Responsible for backend service development, application development, and general operations. Background is in embedded systems development and human-robot interaction.

Jaimish Ashar – Contract Frontend Developer

Frontend React developer responsible for implementation of dashboard and digital twin GUI. Experienced full-stack web developer.


Okos Polip was started in 2022 as a quick-and-dirty prototype to link an Alexa skill lambda with an ESP8266 hacked air filter. Soon after its design evolved to support a digital twin interface; generalizing the underlying device ingest service. Three client libraries (C++, Python, and Javascript) were developed along with wrappers for Python ROS support and Typescript web support.

By end of 2023, device ingest model, service infrastructure, authentication and user account logic were implemented. State API and Factory API were still in progress.

Currently (April 2024), State API is taking shape for generalized access to arbitrary device state.

End-of-year target to release alpha factory dashboard as well as write several awesome example docs.

Future Vision

Looking forward, Okos Polip is set to evolve and grow. We’re excited to expand our tools, starting with the upcoming Factory dashboard. We’re also planning to enhance customization and integrate LLMs into the device type development, ensuring our platform is as fun and flexible as it is powerful. Our goal is to keep you ahead of the tech curve, equipped to tackle any project with creativity and ease.

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