Accelerate your development

Okos Polip handles the device-to-cloud layer for you, simply link your devices and backend.

Discover a new way to Bridge the Gap

From hardware device to your business’ cloud logic, simple API with semantic rich configuration.


Device State Ingest

Ease integration with embedded device firmware using our client libraries targeting Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, Python, and JavaScript. Okos Polip makes it easy to onboard and manage devices, allowing you to quickly add and configure smart devices to your backend application.


Data Storage and Management

Okos Polip securely stores state data from your smart product, ensuring reliable access and smooth data management for your application. 


API Integration

Okos Polip provides seamless integration with your backend, whether it’s an AWS lambda function servicing Alexa interactions or a self-hosted user dashboard. Access data through documented REST API.

Build your product your way

Okos Polip is an à la carte option for device state ingest not an end-to-end solution that traps your project into an expensive, inflexible vendor lock. You know your domain space; bring your hardware, dashboard, and business logic.

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